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Julie M. Young


Julie is a forward-thinking, personable and practical attorney with an exclusive focus on Employment and HR law for employers. For over 17 years, Julie has been working with employers in HR compliance and defense. With a primary focus on compliance -- being proactive to avoid HR related problems -- Julie spends most of her time providing practical guidance to business owners and HR professionals in nearly every aspect of their employment relationships.

Julie is also dynamic and frequent speaker in the HR field. Each month, many business owners and HR professionals around Central Ohio gather for the ever-popular HR Lunch & Learns. During these events, Julie shares vital HR legal information and practical suggestions for dealing with common HR issues. Julie has entertained hundreds of people with her infamous "You Just Can't Make this Stuff Up" stories featured at the HR Lunch & Learns.

Because it satisfies her "inner professor," Julie also speaks at chambers of commerce, local business events and seminars, to employer and HR groups and many others. She also provides in-house anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training, as well as training for supervisors and managers to understand their vital role in HR compliance. Several times per year, Julie holds small group workshops to help HR professional and business owners better understand a specific area of compliance, such as hiring and interviewing, overtime laws and more.

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